Pickles for a Picnic

Chicago has enjoyed a very pleasant and mild October. Today was no exception. With sunny skies and the temperature in the 70s, it was a perfect day for a lunchtime picnic with my family. Evelyn packed her pink soccer ball and Mack packed his smile. I packed sandwiches, fruit, and a jar of sort-of homemade pickles.

Sort-of homemade pickles?? Its quite easy! Once you finish a jar of pickles don’t pour out the juice. Instead, chop up pickle cucumbers (found in most grocery stores – just look, they’re there – I promise!) and drop them into the jar with the juice. Put into the refrigerator for a couple days. That’s it.

Tricks like this not only save me a few dollars, but they are smart and simple ways to lessen our burden on the planet. A new jar of pickles costs almost $4.00, but a few pickle cucumbers cost less than a dollar. By reusing the pickle jar and the pickle juice, I save $3.00 and cut down on the waste I send to the landfill or recycling center. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone repurposed some trash every now and then?

Oh, and sort-of homemade pickles are quite delicious. They are crisp and fresh – the perfect accompaniment to a picnic on an unseasonably warm October day.

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