The Perfect Present for a 1 Year Old

My *adorable* nephew Jace recently turned 1. My sister had the whole family out to her home for a good old fashioned birthday party, complete with a delicious homemade cake the birthday boy wanted nothing to do with.

As the mother of four kids, I know birthday gifts can be exciting and overwhelming. A sudden onslaught of stuff is hard for a household to handle – especially here in the city where every square inch is at a premium. And, let’s face it: 1 year olds don’t give a hoot about birthday presents. They are usually more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper!

So, a few years ago I decided that all 1 year olds will get a bottle of booze (and a few children’s books) from us. I figure if the parents are anything like Chris and me, alcohol is better than another plastic toy. My sweet nephew Jace won’t appreciate a bottle of La Marca prosecco for another 20 years – but I hope my sister and brother-in-law can enjoy it now.

After a year of parenthood, a good drink is much deserved!

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