Peanut Butter S’mores!

I owe this blog post to my daughter Evelyn.  While we were in Wisconsin last weekend the kids requested that we make s’mores together. I had been telling them about this campfire treat all winter, and now that summer is here they were desperate to try it.  Wisconsin seemed like the perfect place.

As we were driving to the local Piggly Wiggly supermarket for supplies, the kids once again asked me to describe s’mores.  I explained the layers of melty chocolate and gooey marshmallow sandwiched between two crumbly graham crackers.

“Can we put peanut butter in the s’mores?” Evie asked with enthusiasm.

What a good idea!  Why not add even more deliciousness to an already gooey and delicious summer tradition?!

“I want to put Nutella in my s’mores!” Mack chimed in.


So, while the kids roasted their marshmallows I smeared peanut butter on the graham crackers. The result was a totally delicious HUGE mess. And a perfect summer memory.

Next time, I am totally using Nutella.

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