Not the Worst Summer

So, the summer came and went.


Just like that.

Despite the turmoil and uncertainty swirling around the globe, our little (ok, big) family made the most of my favorite season. Here in Chicago, much of what we love about the city is locked down (beaches, playgrounds, museums) or burning down (looting and rioting), so we had to settle our expectations for what June – August could bring.

But my takeaway from the summer of 2020? Life in our family’s bubble is pretty good. Yes, I know and I witness the challenges outside the walls of our home, but with little kids my duty is to put on a brave face and teach them to make the most of what we’ve got. And, to share whenever possible.

So, in addition to lots of hand washing and mask wearing, here’s a bit of what kept us busy during the most strange/bizarre/odd summer ever:

Biking ALL over the city, thanks to the hand-me-down cargo bike a friend passed on to me:

Celebrating Phase 3 Day with ice cream
Stop at the Lincoln Park Farmers Market and then a ride around the (closed) zoo.
A stop at a secret back alley donut shop!

Road trip through Indiana and Kentucky, with a secluded cabin in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains as our final destination:

A stop in French Lick, Indiana (what’s with that name, anyway?!)
Nashville for a couple nights.
Chris made a fire every night at the cabin.
Contemplating life near Laurel Falls.

Chris and I snuck out a few times for outdoor dining dates in the city:

Joe’s Imports
Gibson’s for Chris’s very belated 40th birthday dinner.

LOTS of forest preserve time – seriously, if I could sum up Summer 2020 is would be the Summer of hiking:

Bare feet at Waterfall Glen
Hunting for crawfish at Waterfall Glen
Caldwell Woods

We visited a goat farm! In the City!

I braided flowers into my girls’ hair at a park:

No better way to spend a lazy summer afternoon…

We went to the Indiana Dunes for a super fun (and exhausting) beach day:

A rare picture with ME in it!

(More) hiking – including Indian Caves – a day Ben declared to be his BEST of the summer:

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