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I love the Christmas season. One of my favorite things about this time of the year are holiday cards. I love opening the mailbox and finding thoughtful notes and pretty photos from friends and family. It is such a fun way to keep in touch with the people I am so blessed to know, especially those who live far away.

Every year, our list of Christmas card recipients grows – I ordered 125 cards this year. As much as I love spreading the holiday cheer, the thought of all that paper being processed and discarded really bums me out. So, this year I sought out a greeting card company with a commitment to the environment. I found My Good Greetings, an on-line service devoted to careful and thoughtful consumption of our planet’s valuable natural resources. They use 100% recycled FSC Certified card stock paper, which means the wood fiber comes from well managed and responsibly harvested forests that meet strict environmental and standards (never from old growth timber stands or rainforests). And even their delivery process is eco-conscious: they use shipping boxes made of recycled paper and there are no land-filling plastics in their packaging.

Whether its Christmas cards or furniture or shampoo, with every purchase you make are essentially voting on how that company conducts its business. By making thoughtful decisions about what and where to buy you enable deserving companies to thrive. Take the time to research who you give your money to!

The personalized photo cards I ordered from are high quality and lovely, and the prices were very reasonable. My only complaint? The company short shipped me five envelopes, so I’m hoping they’ll drop a few in the mail!

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  1. sarahbadics says:

    Thanks for the tip! I think we will order ours from here too… just had our pictures taken today. I am always a little behind. 🙂

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