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This has been a long week. Oh, so long!

It started out rotten. Sunday night we all got sick, and only now are we starting to feel normal again. And, for whatever reason Evelyn’s terrible twos have been exceptionally terrible. And, little Mack is shifting his nap schedule and its not coordinating very well with Evie’s naps. And, after a gloriously mild fall its now officially cold and gray here in Chicago. I can’t wait for Friday.

In need of some quiet reflection, I managed to carve out 20 minutes this afternoon to go for a much needed walk. Sometimes, fresh air is all that can clear my head and reset my mood. Instead of taking my usual route north and west, I opted to head straight east towards the lake. Less than half a block later I came upon a cupcake truck . Yes, a cupcake truck! Selling cupcakes from a company called More Cupcakes!

As I looked over the exquisite offerings the woman inside the truck told me that today the cupcakes were free. She explained that one of my neighbors had won the cupcakes and decided to share her winnings with the neighborhood. Sounded kinda random, but I was too busy picking out a flavor to ask any questions.

As I walked home with five delightful little cakes I couldn’t help but smile for the first time in days. An unplanned walk in an unusual direction brought me this little bit of unexpected happiness. I’d like to graciously thank the Higher Power or the Powers That Be or the Little Birdie Who Whispered In My Ear To Go That Way. Those cupcakes really sweetened an otherwise sour week!

Chris and I quietly enjoyed a couple of cupcakes tonight after the kids went to bed. They were beyond delicious. I hope to stumble upon the cupcake truck again soon!

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