No Message Is That Important

During the past few days, I’ve seen several links to this film by Warner Herzog.  What finally prompted me to click on it was a Facebook post from one of my friends. She implored all of us to watch it, telling us about the mother of one of her daughter’s preschool friends.  The mother was crossing the street with her two small children when a car hit them, killing the mother.

The driver was texting while driving.

And now that mother doesn’t get to watch her children grow up. And those kids don’t get to know their mother.  I cry just thinking about it.

This heartbreaking and eye-opening film is a MUST WATCH. Absolutely.  For everyone. Especially for families with teenage kids who are at the driving age. In a respectful manner, it tells the stories of four accidents caused when drivers chose to text while driving.

So, in case you need a reminder:

1. Please, please do not text while driving. No message is so important that it can’t wait.  And, if it truly is that important, PULL OVER to send it.  Texting while driving is an incredibly selfish act.

2. Please do not text someone who you know is driving. The little beep from the phone can be too tempting to ignore, and just looking at a received text can be enough of a distraction to cause a life-changing accident.  Send an email instead.

3. Do not take your eyes off the road while you are driving. Placing a phone call, fiddling with the GPS, checking email.  It all can wait!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It is so important to watch! And as many of us are moms, it’s so very important for us to ‘live the life’ we hope to teach our kids. They will remember how their parents used/didn’t use their phones while driving. If we pull over to text, email or read something – the next generation will be more inclined to do that as well. Teach by example. I hope it becomes “cool” someday to NOT be a texter while driving.

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