Marshmallow Ghost

Now that fall weather has settled upon us presumably for good, I have to come up with fun ways for the kids to pass the time indoors.  We still take a daily trip to the park, and we enjoy plenty of fresh air walking to the grocery store/library/bagel shop, but for at least a few hours a day we’re inside.

Evie and Mack tend to fight when they’re idle, so its my job to keep them busy.  Today we spent a quiet part of the afternoon making a simple Halloween craft.  I gave each kid a piece of paper with a ghost drawn on it, and I tasked them with gluing mini marshmallows inside the lines. It was a super simple way to spend Halloween Eve afternoon.

Evie could not have been more delighted to glue the little marshmallows perfectly in the ghost.  She worked quietly, carefully and diligently.

Mack, on the other hand, spent most of the time gluing and then removing the marshmallows.  But, what do I care?! He was more than happy to sit quietly with a pile of marshmallows, some glue and a q-tip.

Oh, and he thought it was pretty funny to stick a few in his ears…

And sweet Vivian sat nearby the entire time, observing her siblings and squealing at a mini pumpkin.  Such a little love!

When they were done crafting we just had to make a special snack.  Rice krispy treats, of course!

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