Making Faces

The kids had last Friday off from school. The weather on Friday morning was kinda crummy, and I was still getting over a sickness from the day before. I can’t stand the thought of the kids staring at a screen for an entire day, so it was time to get creative in the house!

After a couple hours cooped up indoors the kids were on the verge of a mad sibling fight. I scrambled. What task could I give them to keep them busy, working together and happy? At that exact moment, a stream of sunshine peeked through the clouds and shone upon…a piece of cardboard on the floor.

Problem solved!

1. Take a piece of cardboard.

2. Cut out the shape of a face.

3. Give cardboard to kids and tell them to draw a body around the hole for the face. Evie drew a princess (no surprise)on one side and Mack and I worked together on Frankenstein on the other side. Ben scribbled on discarded cardboard, and Vivian oversaw the whole process from her perch on the barstool.

4. Have fun!

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