The Lyric with My Love

Chris and I recently enjoyed a fancy date night to see Tosca at the Lyric Opera of Chicago.  Most of the time when we manage a night out, we visit a hot new restaurant, so going to the opera was a big deal for us. A nice change of pace from our usual routine.

Tosca was my first “real” and “big” opera, but the moment the curtains opened I understood why opera has such a loyal following around the world.  The show was beautifully staged and perfectly performed. The actress who played Tosca, Hui He, was expressive and elegant, and as she sang I watched in awe of her immense talent. The music was truly beautiful, and even though I had to follow the translations on the screen above the stage, I felt so drawn in to the story. For so many reasons, opera has endured and enchanted for hundreds of years, and now I appreciate why.

As a busy mama of four constantly overrun by NOISE, I’m not sure how I can adequately express just how grateful I was to have three QUIET hours at the Lyric. Seriously, where else can I enjoy multiple consecutive hours of darkness…quiet…beautiful music…no distractions from glaring screens…no distractions of any sort?  I am quite certain that no where else in the world affords this kind of luxury. The Lyric Opera of Chicago might be my only respite from the loudness of everyday life.

As we tucked in to our seats I snuggled into Chris. The theater was warm and dark, and the music turned in to a gentle lullabye for me. At that moment, I felt so happy. There I was, all dressed up with the love of my life, listening to beautiful music in a beautiful theater. It was a simple kind of joy.

What more could a girl ask for?!

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