We aren’t halfway into September, but it feels like winter is moving in to Chicago. While we haven’t turned the heat on (yet), we’ve been tempted. Three of the six of us have runny noses, and all of us want tea to drink every morning. Winter is coming. Sigh.

This morning was particularly chilly, so I wasn’t surprised when the kids started sneaking into our bed in the grey light of dawn.  First Mack. Then Evie. Eventually Vivian once Chris rescued her from the crib. Ben still sleeps in the co-sleeper, but with his runny nose he was fussy all night so I let him sleep next to me for most of the night.

It was nice to have all my babies cozy together in our big bed. They are little space heaters!

As I snuggled Ben and smelled the top of his bald little head, thoughts of love and warmth overcame me. There next to me was a tiny creature so new to the world, so utterly dependent upon me and his dad for every need and want. Wee Ben also has his big sisters and brother to provide for him; they shower him with kisses and fight to hold him. Evie loves changing him into fresh clothes and showing him off to her girlfriends.

He is surrounded by love.

All he knows is love.

All he feels is love.

When he cries, our love for him comforts him. When he is cold, our love for him covers him with a blanket. When he is lonely in that tiny little crib, our love for him brings companionship and a hug.  Everything that comes his way, comes from a place of pure love.

What a feeling that must be! To only know love…

One of my favorite things about babies is how they have no idea that their presence might be an inconvenience.

You wanna slice that bagel in half? OK, holding me while you do it should be no problem!

You need to sweep the floors? Surely my perch from your hip ought to help with that!

The dishwasher needs to be emptied? I see no reason why my need for a cuddle should interfere!

Babies aren’t greedy or manipulative. They just know what they need, and they know that someone who loves them will take care of things.  But, at what point in the arc of human development do we let negativity creep in? When do we perceive anger and frustration? When do we decide that love isn’t enough?

I hope Evie, Mack, Vivian and Ben feel our love for always.  We will forever love them.

Our morning snuggle session ended when the big kids decided they wanted breakfast. Ben sensed their stirring, and he woke up, too. His wide blue eyes searched for me, and as soon as he saw my face I greeted him:

“Good morning, Ben! I love you!”

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  1. Caitie says:

    Awww! I was just thinking of this very concept with baby Faye! We sure are blessed!

  2. Just beautiful! What a gift this time in our life can be, even though we are too tiny to remember it concretely – when we are surrounded by nothing but simple, pure love. Reminds me of that great Paul Simon song, Born at the Right Time: never been lonely, never been lied to, never had to shuffle in fear, nothing denied to…

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