So Long, 2014!

In just about two hours, 2014 will come to an end.

To that I say, good riddance!

This was, by far, the most demanding year of my life. We had a fourth kid. We had to scramble (big time!) to buy our home when the landlord gave us short notice that she needed to sell. We spent a month renovating our “new” house, and the resulting disruption to our daily life was totally unexpected. We faced parenting challenges like never before. My grandmother died.

After this year, I am just…tired.

Despite the challenges, the best part of 2014 was the arrival of sweet Ben in March. He was nearly two weeks early, a blessing in disguise as I was totally exhausted from the pregnancy. Even though the little rat still won’t sleep through the night, his joyful smiles, wet kisses, snuggly hugs and enthusiasm for LIFE bring smiles to my face every day. I just love that little fella.

Tonight Chris and I celebrated New Year’s Eve with the coolest people we know: Evie, Mack, Vivian and Ben. We went up to Devon Avenue for Indian food. As we sat at the table, I took a moment to appreciate each precious soul there with me. It was a hard year, but at its end how lucky I am to have such unique and special people surrounding me. I hope to always remember…

…Evie sipping her chai.

…Mack working hard to master tic-tac-toe.

…Vivian stealing sips of Chris’s chai – and Chris so generously (and sweetly) sharing with her.

…Ben trying – and loving! – every little morsel of Indian food set on his plate.

After dinner we indulged in one of my absolute favorite pastimes: browsing through ethnic shops and grocery stores. Even the kids knew we were somewhere cool and different and interesting!

The girls and I admired handmade $2500 saris, but we picked up about 50 bangles for $10. They made our special NYE cupcake dessert extra fancy!

The night out was a really nice way to celebrate the end of long, hard and precious year. So long 2014!


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