Juice Box Hack

While we were in Florida for our spring break trip, I treated the kids to juice boxes. We don’t normally have them on hand for many reasons: 1) they are expensive 2) they create a lot of waste 3) I’d rather just give my kids real fruit and 4) I think water is the best (and only) beverage any of us really need. But, since we were on vacation I thought it would be fun for the kids to have an extra special treat (along with the Lucky Charms I also splurged on!).

One of my least favorite things about juice boxes are the little plastic straw sleeves. They are so lightweight that they flutter away and junk up the earth. Fortunately, I have my little hack for keeping the plastic with the juice box:

Hold the juice box and do NOT remove the enclosed straw from the side of the box:

Push the straw out of the sleeve, gently pushing from the top down:

Carefully pull the straw out of the bottom of the sleeve, being careful to leave the plastic attached to the box:

And, there you have it: the plastic sleeve stays glued to the juice box while the kids enjoy the juice. No extra mess to manage!

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