Homemade Puzzles

Chicago (finally) got a bit of winter weather yesterday.  The sleet started around 10 am, and the snow continued through the night. For this lifelong Midwesterner, however, the few inches on the ground this morning were but a pittance.

Mack loves playing in the snow, but yesterday’s weather was wet and icy so we stayed indoors.  To keep him busy and out of trouble, I put together a simple craft project we could do together. Homemade puzzles!

We glued a page from Sunday’s comic section to a side of a repurposed cereal box.

We then put a heavy weight (a box of Lacroix) on the comic to make sure it dried flat.

Once the glue dried, we cut the paper into fun shapes.

Then we spent time together putting the puzzles back together.

Such a special way to enjoy special time with my special little man.

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