Homemade Heating Pad

Now at 23 weeks along in my pregnancy with twins, I’m feeling the aches and pains I felt when I was 33 weeks with the first four babies. Perhaps the most nagging is the round ligament pain, a burning, searing, jabbing sensation on the left side of my lower belly. At times it is almost crippling, and the only relief comes from laying down for a good long while.

However, I wanted to seek out other remedies, and heat seemed like a reasonable solution. With nothing more than an old kitchen towel, a grocery store sewing kit and half a bag of rice I fashioned a homemade heating pad that really works! I stitched it together while the kids played outside, but they all kept an eye on my little project’s progress. There is an awesome sense of pride and accomplishment that comes along with solving a simple problem the homemade way, and I want my kids to have an appreciation for this.

Yes, I could have clicked on Amazon.com to order a brand new one, but why does every problem have to be solved with buying more stuff? Can’t we all just make do with what we have around the house every now and then? What ever happened to the days of resourcefulness and frugality?

The key thing here is that I wasn’t aiming for Pinterest perfection. I’m not selling this heating pad, it isn’t a gift, no one else will be using it. It needed to be just enough for me to get through the next few months of this pregnancy’s aches and pains. And the final product really is just enough. Which makes it perfect.

Even the stitches were borderline sloppy. But, who cares?! Not me, and I’m the only one using it.

After a quick spin in the microwave, the homemade pad was warmed and ready for use. I placed it where the round ligament pain was really burning, and the relief was INSTANT. Hooray for homemade!

How to make a homemade heating pad:

1. Fold an old towel in half and trim to desired size/shape.

2. Sew seams shut. Leave a one inch opening to pour in rice.

3. Pull the towel inside out through the opening so the stitches are hidden inside the case. Fill with rice. Add a few drops of essential oil, if desired (I used almond extract because I loooove that scent). Sew opening shut.

4. To use: place pad in the microwave and heat for 1-2 minutes.

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