For a while I was operating under the not entirely unreasonable delusion that April in Chicago would be sunny and warm.  While the weekends have been lovely, Monday through Friday has brought nothing by gray clouds and scattered showers.  Sigh.

The kids and I are now battling cabin fever.  The kids were getting especially restless the other day, so despite the chill we ventured outside for some much needed fresh air and diversion during a patch of sunshine.  We had a really nice time in our neighborhood park watching dogs, kicking the soccer ball and pushing the baby doll stroller.  As we returned to our building we ran into our next door neighbor, and as we walked down the hallway Evie took one look at our door and decided she wasn’t ready to return home.  So, she invited herself into the neighbor’s apartment.

Fortunately, our neighbor and her husband were delighted to have this surprise visit. When we entered their apartment they brought out a bright and cheerful dollhouse that their grandchildren had long ago outgrown. Evie took one look at it and smiled wide.  The sweet neighbors said she could have it!

Just that morning Evie had asked me for a dollhouse.  I told her we’d try to get one for her birthday in June.  Her big blue eyes held such excitement and enthusiasm at the prospect of a new toy someday coming to her.  Little did she (or I!) know that her new doll house was mere hours away!

Sometimes when life feels as dreary as the clouds in the sky, God winks just to remind me to hang in there.  This dollhouse gives Evie something special to play with, staving off her cabin fever.  Because of my neighbors’ unexpected generosity, our home will be a little more fun and peaceful while we wait for warmer days.  Thank you God and thank you neighbors!!

The best part, according to Evie? The little house came with four dolls – a dad, a mom, a big girl and a baby brother – “just like my family!!



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  1. Myah says:

    I love this story – and I love generosity! 🙂 Happy for Evie and people like that in your life!

  2. Sheila says:

    You must get the book The Doll People by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin, 2000 by Hyperion books for Children. This is a cute story about the doll house coming to life! And the adventures when a new, modern doll house enters the Doll people’s world! I read it to Molly and we loved this story! Check it out at the library! Has pictures too! 😀

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