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Today was a busy one for us.  Chris and my brother-in-law Rob completed the Urbanathalon – an 11 mile endurance race that incorporated city landmarks and urban obstacle courses set on city streets.  The kids and I left the house early to cheer them on, and after the race we all went out for breakfast. By the time we returned home, the kids were exhausted…and Chris was, too!

I carved out two rare hours to myself this afternoon.  With a nursing baby its hard to get away for long, so when I do leave I have to make the most of my time.  Today I went to the Holistic Moms Network Natural Living Conference.  It was a nice way to connect with other like-minded mamas while learning about healthy, sustainable choices and products.

I attended a “Treatment Alternatives for Children” workshop that highlighted how holistic and western medicine can both be used to address a range of ailments.  I was particularly pleased to hear the speakers mention how important good nutrition is to overall health.  I work so hard to make sure Evie and Mack eat healthfully, so it was nice to hear some encouraging words.  Obviously, I take a holistic approach to my family’s health, but I also maintain great appreciation for what western medicine can do. For me, its all about making balanced and educated choices.

In the exhibit hall I met a super nice woman who recently launched Divine Mama, a company that produces healthy snack bars for nursing mothers.  The bars are made with natural ingredients that help promote a healthy and abundant milk supply.  I bought a box and they are delicious!

It was great to run into a new friend from Barefoot Books.  The kids (and I!) love the cheerful colors and engaging stories found in every title from Barefoot Books, so I shopped for some Christmas gifts today.  I know Evie, Mack and Vivian will be quite happy to find some new books under the tree in just a couple months!

Having a couple hours to myself was such a treat, but I also really treasure family time.  I returned home to a handsome husband and three smiling kids, and we all cheered as Notre Dame won in overtime.  Saturdays don’t get much better than this!

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  1. Becky says:

    I’ll have to check out this conference for next year. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

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