Happy Hello Kitty Birthday!

Sweet Vivian.

The little lamb is obsessed – obsessed, I tell you! – with Hello Kitty.  She doesn’t really know what it is (what is it anyway?!), but with all that pink and the bow and the white kitty…what about it would a girly 2 year old not love??  I think her obsession is cute – for reasons I can’t explain, I find Hello Kitty slightly more charming than all those Disney princesses – and she is so pure and earnest in her love of it that I can’t help but dress her in Hello Kitty apparel.  My mom bought her a Hello Kitty gown and shoes, and my Aunt Hope treated her to a Hello Kitty t-shirt and skirt. She loves it all.

Lately Vivian has been chatting about a “Hello Kitty Birthday”.  Every day is her Hello Kitty Birthday, and she likes to remind me of this often. Vivian’s real birthday passed months ago, but by the time it rolls around again she might have outgrown the desire for a Hello Kitty Birthday, so last week I decided to have a special Hello Kitty Birthday for Vivian.  Friends and neighbors gathered in our courtyard to celebrate with party hats and a grocery store birthday cake.

Kids are only kids for a little while.  Why not give them an extra birthday?!

Happy Hello Kitty Birthday. Vivian!

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  1. julie says:

    so sweet, i love that idea!

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