Good Clean Dirt

Oh what a glorious day!

After several weeks of biting cold and steady snow, Mother Nature blessed us with a respite in the form of sunshine and 50 degrees. As soon as we stepped outside today, Evie cheered, “It feels like SPRING!

A day like today certainly called for a trip to the neighborhood park, and much to my surprise we were the only people there. Sure, mini icebergs floated in mammoth puddles, and the grassy fields were a muddy mess, but there was no sense in staying indoors.  The fresh air was begging us to inhale and enjoy!

As soon as we arrived at the park, Mack spotted a stick to throw and poke in the mud, while Evie and Vivian sailed contentedly on the swings. After 20 minutes, Vivian headed to the slides and Evie joined Mack in the soggy field.  Within mere moments, Evie slipped and fell in the mud. Much to my surprise (and probably hers, too!) she didn’t seem to mind the messy development.  After all, once she was that dirty, there was no going back…!

Not to be outdone, Mack decided a “trip” in the mud was a good idea for him, too.

After so many weeks of indoor play, I suppose he needed a good old fashioned wallow in the goop.  He was practically swimming in it…doing mud angels on his back…rubbing it into his hands and on his face and under his fingernails…whatever it took to completely coat himself.

And, why not?!  All this playing in the dirt was a heck of a lot better than being cooped up inside.  And, I know all too well that it could be months before we’re outside again with no mittens or hats.

I texted the pictures to Chris on our walk home so he could prepare for the clean-up.  As soon as we approached the front door, he was waiting to remove clothes and boots and carry each one up to the waiting shower.  After 10 minutes, the kids were clean and the clothes were whirring in the washing machine.

Good clean fun, I’d say!

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