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A few days ago I wrote about my new nursing dress from Milk Nursingwear. Not only is it cute and comfy, but it allows me to comfortably nurse little Ben anywhere. It is perfect, and I’ll continue wearing it long after Ben has moved on to “big people” food.

Milk Nursingwear has very generously offered a *giveaway* for readers of Homemade Mothering!  Enter below using the Rafflecopter prompts for your chance to score a $45 gift card that can be used on anything on their site!

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nursing top

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  1. manda says:


  2. Diana says:

    I don’t mind as long as I can settle myself in a quiet area. My daughter gets distracted sometimes and I find myself heading towards a wardrobe malfunction. 😉

  3. Jessica Carney says:

    Not as long as I dress myself properly! I prefer to go with a good nursing top or the layered approach (a nursing tank + a layer to pull up)… I am not quite brave enough to bare more skin, though I don’t think it’s necessarily immodest to do so.

  4. courtney says:


  5. Laura says:

    No, it doesn’t as long as I feel comfortable with my clothing

  6. Katie says:

    As long as I’m dressed properly, I’m comfortable nursing in public. Over the years I’ve received more compliments on nursing my baby than criticisms for doing it in public, thankfully!

  7. katrin says:

    No, with the right cloth!

  8. Erica J. says:

    I’m not sure yet… I’m a first-time mom-to-be, and I am trying to soak up as much wisdom as I can about the breastfeeding world to come!

  9. Anne says:

    I would love some nursing-wear from Milk! I am due in four weeks and looking to round out my post-birth wardrobe 🙂

  10. N says:

    I was comfortable nursing in public when my baby was very small. It feels less acceptable with a baby who is (or looks) older than one…which is a shame, since the baby still thinks it is acceptable! I still nurse in public, but do it more discreetly now. The nursing cover is no longer useful, but I choose clothes which keep me as covered as possible while nursing. Milk, you have found a great niche market!

  11. Keri Murphy says:

    Having the right nursing apparel makes all the difference. I’m comfortable as long as I have someplace out of the way a bit.

  12. Amanda says:

    I’m comfortable nursing in public. I’m pregnant with my second child and will be going back to work after only 6 weeks of maternity leave, so I’m definitely looking for some additional nursing attire that I can easily pump in at work!

  13. Hannah says:

    No, as long as I’m wearing a comfortable and modest top.

  14. elaine says:

    no, it does not.

  15. Caitie says:

    Depending on where I am it does but you gotta do what you gotta do! 🙂

  16. Jamie smith says:

    Nope not at all . Love your blog.

  17. Adele says:

    I don’t mind the idea of public nursing at all but I also seem to get a bit stressed and feel like I not only flash, but also show the world my entire torso.

  18. Susan DeVaux says:

    I’m expecting my first baby in August so I’m not sure yet! I hope not though. I plan on using a nursing cover or swaddle blanket and just throw it over

  19. rachel says:

    Yes, slightly. I always cover up — gotta be modest!

  20. jenn mcclearn says:

    As long as I am covered I do not mind so much, its for my own personal comfort no one elses

  21. Leslie says:

    i did bother me at first with my oldest but I got over that quick. Now with my second I don’t even think about it, if she’s hungry I nurse her wherever we are.

  22. Felicia says:

    I am a FTM, have 10 weeks to go in my pregnancy and plan on nursing for a year. If my baby is hungry I plan on feeding her, whether we are in public or at home. 🙂

  23. amanda whiltey says:

    i stay home alot so i dont nurse in public alot ans when i do it does make me a tad uncomfortable.

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