Here Come MY Girls!

Juliet and Elinor were born back in August, but last week we received a formal letter from the White House celebrating their birth!

I’m not on a first name basis with Barack or Michelle, but my girls still got a great note to add to their baby books. Making the request was easy: just go to¬† and fill out the required info. Pretty fun!

This past year has been filled with so much turmoil and very little triumph when it comes to American politics, so finding this cheerful greeting from Washington DC in our mailbox really brought a smile to my face. Sadly, these days it seems like people running for office only want whatever gets them more of the American pie. I look forward to tomorrow morning when the election is (hopefully) over and we all (hopefully) move on with our lives.

Despite my disappointment in the American political machine, I took my girls to vote today. Perhaps history is in the making, and I want them to be a part of it. Watch out world: here come MY girls!

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