Fun Thing Canceled Day

All dressed up and no where to go.

Easter was 80 degrees and sunshine. The week following encouraged long walks under fair blue skies. Then, this past weekend happened. Snow. SNOW on the last Saturday in April. Like, a lot of snow. And rain. So much muck that all the fun stuff we planned for the weekend was canceled.

Perhaps the saddest cancellation was Vivian’s *first* softball game. In a classic example of third child syndrome, Chris and I never knew that this was a sport she wanted to pursue. So, when we finally realized that, “Hey, maybe Vivian wants to hit a ball with a bat,” she was ELATED. Ecstatic. Thrilled. She gave herself the sporty name Kit (like the character in “A League of Their Own”). Add in the fact that Chris is the assistant coach to her adorable little team, and we have one very happy little 7 year old…

…until Saturday, when her first game was canceled due to the crummy weather. I had been warning her in the days leading up to Saturday that the forecast wasn’t looking too kind, but she held out that little pink glitter candle of hope like she always does. My little optimist kitty cat queen.

When the news finally came, she burst into tears. And then into laughs. And then tears again. And then tears while laughing. Why the dichotomy?

This was an instance of life imitating art in the purest sense. One of our family’s favorite books is “One Of Those Days” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Our copy is tattered from so many readings. We all have it memorized. Lines from it are a running inside joke in our family. It is a treasure.

The book takes the reader through various scenarios when the characters just aren’t having a good day. Every picture, charming and relatable, helps tell the tale. One of the pages shows a little girl in her baseball uniform staring out the window to a rainy day. Fun Thing Canceled Day.

My little Vivian saw herself in that page. And, thanks to the lesson of the story, she knew things would turn out ok. The book absolutely helped her manage her disappointment of a fun thing canceled day…because Vivian knows every single “one of those days” eventually turns into night.

And every single night turns into a brand new day.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote our family’s most treasured books. Sadly, she passed away two years ago, but I believe her spirit lives on in the happy moments her books create for kids and their parents. Here are some of our favorite books from her:

One Of Those Days:

Dear Girl:

I Wish You More:

Little Pea:

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