My New Favorite Nursing Bra

As I have written about before, breastfeeding is an important choice I make for myself and my family.  While it can take a few weeks for mom and baby to get the hang of it, once a routine is established breastfeeding is wonderfully easy and convenient.  I am so grateful it has worked out for me.

With my first two babies, I didn’t give much thought to nursing wear.  I bought a couple cheap nursing bras at Target, not realizing that if ever there was a time to pamper myself it would be while recovering from delivery and feeding an infant! Neither bra I bought lasted very long – the underwire on one popped out while taking a spin in my mother-in-law’s washing machine (greaaaat!), and the other one was pretty much the opposite of sexy.

Before the arrival of Baby #3, I did a bit of research and I found The Bliss Nursing Bra from Bravado.  It might just be the perfect nursing bra for me.  So soft and comfortable, and its pretty, too.  There is no pesky underwire, but it is still very supportive.  Perhaps the best feature is the subtle thickness of the fabric – it prevents any leaky boob issues that are particularly pesky during the first several weeks of breastfeeding a newborn. Its so freakin’ comfortable that I think I’ll continue wearing it after Vivian transitions to solid foods in a year or so!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Maureen- couldn’t agree more. I am glad you found bravado! I wasnt familiar with the brand but stumbled upon thier nursing tank on while starting nursing my second and it was the best thing I bought myself. Fit was perfect, it still gets a lot of wear.

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