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As a homemade mother, I am responsible for all the family’s records and documentation. In other words, I gotta keep all our photos organized! In the few months following Evelyn’s arrival we took hundreds (maybe thousands?) of pictures and before I knew it they were all over the place and in no special order. I was feeling overwhelmed and I knew if I didn’t get a handle on it — and quick! — the problem would only get worse.

So, I developed a system that has served me well for the past six months. In my computer, I have a folder for every year — and in each yearly folder is another folder for every month. Every picture goes into the appropriate folder with a name that includes the date and a brief description of what it is. For example, the photo above is in the 2009 –> May –> “5-2-09 enjoying the sun”.

At the end of every month I upload the pictures into (because it is a block away from our apartment and easy for me to pick them up) and then immediately file them into a photo album. It is such a nice feeling to be totally up-to-date on this task!

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