Fall Ahead

This was the first official weekend of fall, and here in Chicago, the weather could not have been more glorious. Clear blue skies, warm sun, temperatures in the high 60s and 70s. Chris thought it would be a fine time to take the kids on our annual apple orchard outing to County Line Orchards, and he was right. We arrived early enough to avoid the crowds but still enjoy the sunshine.

I often say that I dread the start of fall, but upon further introspection what I am really saying is I hate the end of summer’s carefree days and the impending arrival of winter’s brutal chill. Fall really deserves some love from me, especially since Chicago enjoys truly spectacular weather well into November.

With darkness settling in earlier every day we naturally slow down. Bedtime falls a little earlier. Hygge lasts a little longer. Bed-headed kids hover over the warm air vents while waiting for their mugs of morning tea. After many months spent outdoors on the go go go, settling in for a long winter isn’t so bad, actually.

For me, fall is a season of reflection, the perfect time to take an inventory of the year’s accomplishments and challenges. Whatever else I want from 2018 better happen now!

Kids are back at school, which means they are yet another year older. Another year closer to being grown. But, it also means that I have another year of parenting experience and wisdom. I am grateful for fall’s slower pace because it gives me more quiet time to enjoy being a mom to so many special little humans.

Autumn is mother nature’s way of whispering, “Hey! Slow down and feel grateful for all you’ve done and all you have!”

Yesterday while these big thoughts were pacing my brain, Evie asked to make apple cake. We make the same one every year, but this is the first time she did it all on her own, from start to finish. When I clicked on the recipe I shared here on this site, I was humbled to see a photo of her helping me make it – NINE years ago. My how she has grown! 

My, how I have grown, too!

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