Why Can’t Every Day Be Like Halloween?

Halloween was just the other day, and despite the steady rain the kids and I ventured out for trick-or-treating.  Had we let the weather deter us, I’m pretty sure Evie and Mack would have been heartbroken for the next 364 days.  A combination of rain, sleet and snow couldn’t have kept them inside!

We wandered down just one street, but I was really moved by the generosity of our neighbors, most of whom we never see and never know.  How kind they were to the little kids! How welcoming they were to such tiny strangers!  Warm smiles and hearty greetings!

Around the holidays I often hear a line something like “if only every day could be like Christmas.”  But, I have to ask why can’t every day be like Halloween?  Perhaps it is the times we live in – or perhaps it is just a symptom of my city life – but I wish it was more common that the community gathered together just to make others happy.  We are very familiar with the neighbors on our block, but just a few blocks over live people just as nice who I will never know.

There are so many good and decent people in the world, but it seems like we only hear about the terrible ones.  But, I’d rather think about the good in the world.  To think that my little family is surrounded by the kind of people who leave work early and trudge home in the rain just to drop a few pieces of candy into a kid’s plastic pumpkin…wow, are we lucky!


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