Cloth Diapering in the News!

I was recently interviewed for an article about diapering. I am a big fan of using cloth diapers on my little ones – not only do they save me thousands of dollars, but they are significantly healthier for my babies and the planet.

Here’s the article:

If you are interested in learning more about how EASY cloth diapering really is, check out my Cloth Diapering Manifesto:

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  1. Crystal says:

    Hello! I've been subscribing your blog to awhile now, but have never commented. We have a mutual friend (Kendee) who said we would get along. After reading your blog, I think we most certainly would. 🙂

    My second-born is 18-months-old and I plan on potty training him in the next six months or so. Would it be worth it for me to switch to cloth diapers this late in the game? I mean, I know it would, but since I don't know if I am going to have any more children, it's hard for me to fork out $500 for six months of diapering, ya know? Oh! But I want to! Any words of advice or encouragement for someone not starting with a newborn?

    I've been so inspired by you. Thank you 🙂

  2. HomemadeMother says:

    Hi Crystal! I'm so glad you are considering making the switch to cloth. Its never too late.

    Most kids are 33-39 months old when they are potty-trained, and if you don't switch to cloth it might be harder for you to train your 18 month old son. So, in reality, spending $500 on cloth now might actually save you money in the long run if it works to get your son off diapers well before the average.

    You can save a LOT of money by using Chinese pre-fold diapers (the "old fashioned" kind) instead of a fancy pocket diaper like Bum Genius. The pre-folds are only $1-$2 each, whereas the pocket diapers are about $16 each. But, the pre-folds are not as much fun to use and they do require a cover like the ones I use from Bummis.

    You can always pass on or sell your used diapers to friends or family, too. Sounds crazy, I know, but lots of people do it.

    All the cloth diapering essentials are listed on this link. And, I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have!!

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