Chillin’ Out with a Chelada

While we were in Isla Mujeres last month we all enjoyed a few cocktails or local beers every day while lounging by the pool or enjoying lunch on the beach.  On more than one occasion, my mom mixed up a few rounds of cheladas, a refreshing beer cocktail made with cerveza and lime.  I had never heard of this divine drink before, but it paired perfectly with blue skies and hot temperatures.  Like a mojito, a chelada reminds me that summer is not far off.

Mi Madre’s Chelada

coarse salt

Juice of one lime (appx 2 oz)

Bottle of beer, preferably Mexican like Pacifico

Shot of tequila, very optional (especially for me as I do not like even the tiniest hint of tequila!!)


Run a lime wedge around the rim of a tall glass.  Dip the rim in a small dish filled with salt to coat the rim (like a margarita).  Fill the glass with ice and pour lime juice over cubes. If using tequila, pour it in now. Slowly pour in beer and gently stir.

If you’re feeling adventurous, make it a Michelada: add in some spicy tomato juice and a few shakes of Worcester sauce.

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