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Why I am Grateful for My Family.

With the Thanksgiving weekend coming to a close, now seems like a good time to post about some feelings of gratitude I feel year ’round.  Although its nice to have nice things, I believe that the best gifts in life are people and experiences. As I write about often, I am exceedingly grateful for my […]

A Japanese Lunch with our Japanese Friends

One of the best things about living in a big city is encountering diversity on a daily basis.  People from all walks of life and all corners of the globe call Chicago home, and I consider their presence in my hometown to be a true asset and gift. Aren’t I lucky to have the world […]

Hug (and Kiss!) a Veteran Today!

  I can say with near certainty that March 24, 2004 was perhaps the best day of my life. Its the day when my husband came home from Iraq. After nearly a year fighting a war on the other side of the globe, Chris returned home healthy and in good spirits (and much thinner!).  Although […]

In Defense of Large Families

With the announcement yesterday that reality TV family the Duggars are now expecting their 20th child, it seems like the Internet is ready to erupt: how could they be so irresponsible?, so many kids is a drag on the planet!, the oldest children are raising the little ones!, how can Michelle’s body endure yet another […]

In Gratitude

At least once a day I feel so grateful to live in a big city. I’ve got six gourmet cupcake shops within a 15 minute walk from my apartment. My husband’s commute requires less time than it takes to boil a pot of water. There’s never a shortage of free things to do with the […]

Photo Phrustration

Am I the only one who finds it close to IMPOSSIBLE to get the kids to sit still for a decent picture with me?  I can get great pictures of them if I’m behind the camera, but as soon as I slide next to them they turn from oh-so-cute and sweet and charming to silly […]

Do. Something. NOW!

As I read the paper the other day, I couldn’t help but cry.  The big brown eyes of a beautiful 3-year old were staring at me from the front page. His eyes reflected desperation, confusion, saddness.  He is suffering – along with thousands of other innocent people – during the worst drought in 60 years […]

Raw Milk…Cooked!

About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about my interest in raw milk.  All the milk sold in American grocery stores is pasteurized at either 161 degrees for 15 seconds or 145 degrees for 30 minutes.  Pasteurization kills any dangerous bacteria potentially lurking around, but this process also “destroys enzymes, diminishes […]

Chill Out

Its hot. Its also July. So, will everyone quit the complaining?  I waited ALL winter for this kind of weather, and I L-O-V-E it!  Honestly, if it was hovering close to 85 degrees every day you’d never hear a negative peep outta me. I’m a summer girl trapped in the northern hemisphere, and its likely […]

International Kindness Project Day from the MISS Foundation

Thought I would share this press release about Kindness Project Day with the Homemade Mothering community.  The event is sponsored by the MISS Foundation, an international organization that provides support to families grieving the loss of a child.   I became acquainted with MISS when my friend and fellow Homemade Mother Jeanne lost her sweet […]

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