Homemade Mothering Approved

Four New Dresses for the Price of Two

When I was growing up I spent several Saturday afternoons with my mom’s creative sister Sheila. She was always quite crafty and fun and generous with her time, and one of my favorite activities to do with Sheila was sewing. She patiently readied her sewing machine to help me create dolls with little outfits to […]

Homemade Mother Loves Motherlove

I was recently asked to test out a few products from a company called Motherlove. Making healthy and beauty products from organic and easy to pronounce ingredients, this company aligns with my beliefs on health and wellness, so I enthusiastically agreed to check it out. After testing the products on myself and my babies, I […]

High on Hemp Lotion

Fellow blogger and mompreneur Lynne recently asked me to try out her homemade lotion. While I am a big fan of using just plain extra virgin olive oil to cure dry skin, I agreed to test out her product. Lynne is devoted to creating beauty products that are safe for her three beautiful daughters, so […]

Zoku Popsicle Maker

As a homemade mother, I am always looking for ways to treat my family in thoughtful and healthy ways. Nothing is better than a cool popsicle in the middle of a hot Chicago summer, but most of the ones at the grocery store are loaded with artificial flavors, artificial colors, and icky high fructose corn […]

Flower Power!

For the first 20 months of her life, Evelyn was bald…and beautiful. But, in the past couple months her curly blond hair has grown longer and thicker. Evelyn wakes up in the morning with bed head now, her hair a mass of soft tangled curls. I love running my fingers through her hair or combing […]

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

I am on a constant crusade to cut back on the amount of garbage my family produces. We do a very good job of recycling everything we can, but its important to remember that recycling isn’t a perfect solution. While it is great to avoid sending more trash to the landfill, recycling requires a considerably […]

Foot Love!!

This post has nothing to do with making something at home or taking care of your loved ones. But, my sister introduced me to a pair of shoes so heavenly and comfortable that I just have to share the love!! They are the Puma Sabadella slip-on sneakers. I hate wearing anything on my feet – […]

My Good Greetings

I love the Christmas season. One of my favorite things about this time of the year are holiday cards. I love opening the mailbox and finding thoughtful notes and pretty photos from friends and family. It is such a fun way to keep in touch with the people I am so blessed to know, especially […]

The Cloth Diapering Manifesto

Since my first daughter was born we’ve been a cloth diapering family. While we were initially interested in cloth diapers for environmental reasons, the more we learned about disposables the more scared we were of them. With the knowledge we acquired we could not use disposables in good conscience. Here are a few reasons for […]

Body + Soul Magazine

I would like to strongly endorse this month’s issue of Body + Soul magazine. There is a feature with 25 new recipes to try, and all of them look so amazing and easy and healthy. I’ve made three so far this week and all have turned out delicious. Many of the recipes are vegetarian and […]

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