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Barefoot Books GIVEAWAY!!

While reading a recent issue of Green Child Magazine I found an article about an interesting and inspiring woman named Nancy Traversy.  When her first child was born, she was looking for books with beautiful artwork that explored different cultures and didn’t talk down to children.  At a loss to find a collection of books […]

Little TOMS for Little Feet

Poor little Mack!  Two months ago we bought him two pairs of size 5 shoes.  I thought they fit him fine until the other day when I noticed a ragged toe nail.  I brought him to the Nordstrom’s kids shoe department, and it turns out that he’s now a size 6.  He never complained about […]

Bath Toys A Homemade Mother Can Love!

One of my most favorite parts of everyday is the kids’ bathtime.  It comes at the end of the day, and at this time Evie and Mack are usually ready to start winding down.  They are so happy to play in the tub, and I am so grateful for a few quiet moments when I […]

A Baby Doll for Boys and Girls

My sister Meghan and I were chatting on the phone today (as we tend to do several times every day), and she mentioned that she wants to get a baby doll for her adorable son Trey. He is almost two years old and growing into an inquisitive and thoughtful little fellow.  Just the right time […]

Blogness Cards

HomemadeMothering is starting to become more than just a hobby for me. I love reading emails and comments from readers – connecting with so many fellow Homemade Mothers, Fathers and People makes me feel like our families and our planet are headed in the right direction.  Everyone’s kind words are giving me the motivation and […]

Oh la la! A Bonus GIVEAWAY!!

Everyone seems to l-o-v-e the reusable snack bags I wrote about last week.  They really are such a cute and eco-friendly way to transport healthy snacks while on the go. Homemade Mother Sara H won a set of reusable snack bags from SnackTAXI, but now you have a chance to win a set from Itzy […]

Testing Reusable Snack Bags + GIVEAWAY!!

While pushing our kids on the swings recently, my neighborhood friends and I were talking about Costco.  They couldn’t believe I don’t have a membership to the big warehouse retailer; I couldn’t understand why their small families need to buy anything in bulk.  I asked them what they purchase from Costco, and everything they buy […]


I was recently asked when I first felt like a “mom”.  In less than a second, a vivid memory flashed: early morning about a year ago…sun streaming through the windows…I’m serving 2-year-old Evie breakfast while breastfeeding tiny baby Mack…when, all of a sudden, Mack throws up a stomach full of breastmilk ALL OVER ME.  At […]

Taking a Look at “Eco-Forward” Disposable Dinnerware

I was recently asked to take a look at Bare by Solo, an “eco-forward” line of single-use plates and cups from the popular Solo brand.   As a Homemade Mother, I just do not buy disposable plates and cups, and I am especially wary of mixing food with plastic.  So, my first instinct upon receiving the […]

More Please!

This has been a long week. Oh, so long! It started out rotten. Sunday night we all got sick, and only now are we starting to feel normal again. And, for whatever reason Evelyn’s terrible twos have been exceptionally terrible. And, little Mack is shifting his nap schedule and its not coordinating very well with […]

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