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Reusable Produce Bags – Yippee!

As I’ve written about countless times before, I really really REALLY hate plastic.  One of the sneakiest plastic offenders, in my opinion, are the flimsy plastic produce bags from the grocery store.  While they can certainly be reused (or recycled, in a pinch), I have a sneaky suspicion that most of them end up in […]

GIVEAWAY for a Case of Happy Tot Greek Yogurt Smoothies!

I recently outlined some of my tips for traveling with little ones.  One of my favorite products for eating well on the road are the Happy Tot Greek Yogurt Smoothie pouches.  They are a neat and easy way to include fruits, veggies and healthy dairy in our travels. Happy Family Brands asked me to host […]

Stylish Furniture from The Mark + GIVEAWAY!

Such a fun giveaway to share with readers of Homemade Mothering!! My newest advertiser will send one lucky winner a gorgeous piece of American-made furniture from The Mark. The Mark is a chic line of furniture that showcases distinctive design and trends at very affordable prices. I love that it’s made in the USA, which […]

Chew Beads

When Vivian was born my sister Meghan thoughtfully gave me a gift: a super cute baby-friendly bracelet. I don’t normally wear much jewelery, but when I do Vivian grabs at it immediately, so the Chew Beads teething bracelet from my sister was the perfect addition to my meager accessory stash. Made from the same material […]

Goodness Gracious – An Austin, TX Micro Bakery + GIVEAWAY!

I love finding businesses that offer products that align with my rather strict values on health and well-being.  We absolutely avoid processed foods, but we all like a nice treat. So when I heard about Goodness Gracious Micro Bakery I was immediately intrigued.  The orders are baked to order in a home kitchen nestled in […]

My Week in a Chevy Cruze Eco

Living in such a large city affords us the opportunity to walk just about everywhere, so we don’t drive many miles.  But when General Motors recently recognized me and this site as a “local influencer”, I was very honored.   GMC offered me a week in any vehicle – how could I turn that down?! I […]

Something to Read to the Grandkids (someday!)

For me, this blog is a love letter to my children.  Yes, its nice to see so many loyal readers stopping by to see what’s new at Homemade Mothering, but first and foremost this blog as a way to document my young family’s milestones and memories so we can look back fondly and remember this […]

Sweaty Bands – My New Fav Accessory!

I think I should write a book about all the things people don’t mention about pregnancy and childbirth. Sure, we’ve all heard about the weight gain and exhaustion, but no one ever bothered to warn me about the one thing that drives me nuts: post-pregnancy hair loss.  About three months after I give birth, my […]

Barefoot Books for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and like most parents I am busy squirreling away boxes of treats and treasures, crossing my fingers that curious kids don’t stumble upon a secret gift. We follow a WANT.NEED.WEAR.READ mantra with holiday gift-giving: the kids get a gift or two from each of the four categories.  It keeps me focused […]

SMILE! Thanks to Ruthie Hauge Photography

Every year I try to have some professional pictures taken of my growing family, so when I found out that my sister’s childhood friend Ruthie Hauge was a professional photographer, I knew it would be fun to work with her.  Fortunately, she was available on an unseasonably mild late October afternoon. Ruthie suggested we shoot […]

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