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Cleaning To-Do List

Cleaning the house ranks as one of my least favorite things to do. With two little ones its hard to find the time and the energy to keep things tidy. I’d love to have a housekeeper stop by our place once a week, but there isn’t room in our budget for a luxury like that. […]

For the Hostess with the Mostess!

Earlier this month, two little parties were thrown in honor of the son I had a week ago (he’s finally here and he’s too lovely for words!). My friends Laura and Michele hosted a “stock the freezer” shower and asked our friends to bring frozen dinners so I don’t have to worry about putting together […]

Not Quite A Vegetarian…

I am not a vegetarian. All three of my sisters haven’t eaten meat in years, and if they can’t convince me to totally give up animal protein no one will. However, I have made a unique choice that works for me when it comes to eating meat: I don’t eat any mammal. I am often […]


I recently saw a commercial for Sun Chips’ new “earth friendly” packaging. Yes, I applaud Sun Chips decision to use 100% compostable materials in their packaging, but to advertise this as “good for the environment” drives me crazy. The bag must be placed in a hot, active compost bin in order to break down in […]

A Facial Every Day!

For the past decade or so, my skin has been very tempermental. While I noticed significant improvement when I cut processed foods out of my diet, it wasn’t until I started giving myself a mini facial every morning and night that I started to feel better. I’ve put together a unique routine that seems to […]


Lately I’ve been reading up on the benefits of raw milk. This is milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized, and therefore it is milk in its purest state. It is unprocessed milk straight from the cow, and the health benefits associated with it are striking. However, raw milk is essentially illegal and therefore […]

Reusable Bags Everywhere, Everytime!

I am thrilled to see so many people bringing reusable bags into the grocery store these days. It really is so uplifting to know that people finally recognize the wasteful nature of plastic grocery store bags. According data released by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags […]

Scrubbing the Floors

In what can only be explained as a fit of third trimester nesting, I scrubbed the grout on our kitchen floor this morning. Our townhome is in a building that is about 20 years old, and in that time I don’t think the grout has ever been cleaned – it was icky when we moved […]

Garbage Island

I recently stumbled upon www.VBS.tv, an online broadcast network that streams free original content 24 hours a day. With eclectic, thought-provoking, and smart coverage of some of the world’s best hidden stories, it is the sort of site that will keep me coming back for more every day. I’d like to encourage you to view […]

Clorox Making Progress…

Good news! Clorox just announced that alkyl phenol ethoxylatess (APEs) and phthalates — chemicals linked to reproductive harm, birth defects and fertility problems — will no longer be included in their products’ fragrances. APEs are surfactants found in laundry detergents, stain removers, and all-purpose cleaners. Often detected in rivers, they have been found to reduce […]

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