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Holy Oil and Coconut Oil

I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious.  I have a deep appreciation for the grace and beauty of the world around us, and I have faith that a higher power is present in my everyday. Still, it is important to me that I give my kids a foundation upon which they can build […]

Happy FOUR + Cocoa Buttercream Frosting

My sweet Evie turned 4 this weekend. Like most little girls, Evie couldn’t wait to celebrate her birthday.  It was the talk of our household for a solid six weeks, and I can happily say that it was a great day for her. We gave her a Barbie Dream House much like the one my […]

These Are The Good Old Days

I’m feeling rather nostalgic lately.  We are preparing to move from the only home we’ve raised our three children, and in doing so we are leaving a wonderful neighborhood and lovely neighbors.  Although we’re not moving far – just a mile north – I know things will be different. So, I’m taking full advantage of […]

When a Party Pooper Rained on our Chalk Parade

Living in the city, my kids don’t have access to some of the summertime activities their suburban peers enjoy.  We don’t have a backyard with a sprinkler or a neighborhood swimming pool or a corner lemonade stand.  However, we are steps to a beautiful beach and walking distance to several fun fountains and plenty of […]

Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt + GIVEAWAY!!

As I’ve written about before, breastfeeding is an important choice I make for my family.  Perhaps the best part about it is that Vivian’s food is always readily available no matter where we go.  I don’t have to worry about packing bottles or formula or water. Now that a feeding routine is established, breastfeeding is […]

The Best Advice I Never Asked For

Before Vivian joined our family 11 weeks ago I never knew just how much work went into raising three kids.  Everyone I pass on the sidewalk chuckles, “You’ve got your hands full!” and my reply is always “I just wish I had one more hand!” The first five weeks with Vivian were completely overwhelming.  She […]

“Red Car!!!!!”

I hate to generalize, but sometimes the differences between my boy and my girl are so stark.  They are both welcome to play with any toy, but it seems like Evie really does gravitate to girly toys and Mack can’t get enough of the typical boy stuff. Case in point: Mack’s current obsession with red […]

Setting Down Roots

We are at a crossroads. In a little less than two months the lease on our downtown Chicago apartment expires.  It is a spacious home for a city apartment – two bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms on two floors – but our family of five has definitely outgrown it. Its time for us to move […]

Oh Baby Its A Wild World

We were at our friends’ house for a BBQ last night.  It was a fun family gathering with kids happily running wild and delicious food from the grill. Even though it was chilly and rainy, it felt like a classic summer evening in many ways. Towards the end of the night, Chris rested Vivian in […]

Birthday Countdown!

Evie’s birthday is now one month away.  However, it has been a daily topic of conversation for the past two months. She can’t wait to turn 4; its just about all she talks about.  We agreed that she can invite a few friends over for cupcakes followed by the new Disney princess movie “Brave” – […]

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