Child Care

Happy Anniversary! Now Get To Work.

Chris and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend. I use the word “celebrated” loosely because we really didn’t do anything overly special to celebrate.  I had to work all day yesterday on a photo shoot for my new cloth diaper line, and Chris had to work all day today on his businesses. Chris brought Mack […]

Summer Fun at Home in the City

I really love our new neighborhood.  When we moved a month ago I had no idea that so many families with young children called our block home, and now that we are here I feel so grateful.  I’ve always said that the hardest part of every day is the dreaded 4-6 pm stretch, but now […]

The Three R’s at Home

My husband works a lot. Like, a LOT.  Several nights a week he isn’t home until 10, and up until last week he had to work every Saturday which meant we only had one day a week to spend together as a family.  When he left the corporate world to start his own business three […]

A Little Moment in Time

As a parent, I am all too aware of the passing of time.  How quickly my oldest daughter became 4! My 2 year old son suddenly grew into a little man!  Four month-old Vivian already has a peaceful and joyful personality that seems to radiate from her body.  Before kids, a year felt like a […]

The Fluffernutter of My Childhood

After a summer of sun and temperatures steadily in the 90s, we were bound for a cool down at some point.  Today’s rain and 70 degrees felt downright chilly, so the kids and I spent much of the day indoors.  It feels like we’ve been on the go nonstop since May – it was actually […]

More Than One Definition of Beautiful

Like much of the world, we’ve been keeping our eyes on the Olympics this week. While I’m certainly not glued to the screen, its fun to have the games on in the background while making dinner or cleaning up.  Evie and Mack are pretty neutral to the phenomenon – as far as they are concerned, […]

Special Time With My Special Little Man + Zucchini-Banana Bread

This morning Mack was the first person in our house to wake up. At 6:09 am. Sigh. However, I quickly realized that I should seize his early rise as an opportunity to spend some special time with him.  The other night Evie stayed up late and I really treasured that time with her; Mack getting […]

Fun With Sidewalk Chalk + School Supply GIVEAWAY!!!

Last month I wrote a post about the ban against my children from using chalk on the sidewalk outside our condo building.  I found the whole thing to be ridiculous and so silly and beyond absurd.  Who could possibly take offense to occasional sidewalk chalk drawings on a public city sidewalk?! Rose Art, an awesome […]

A Date Night With My Best Girlfriend

At the last minute, Chris decided to go out to a party with some friends tonight.  As much as I love spending time with him, I had a few crap TV shows to catch up on our DVR, so I didn’t mind a quiet night to myself once the kids went to bed. But, a […]

Grow and Bloom

Tonight is our last night in our home. After nearly four years and two more kids, we finally decided it was time to trade in our two-bedroom apartment downtown for something a little more spacious.  We decided to stay in the city, but we’re headed to a much more family-friendly neighborhood where we can get […]

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