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Enough is enough!

I’m getting so tired of plastic! I’m taking an inventory of all the household products I use that come in a plastic container, and wherever possible I am no longer going to purchase that product.

Where did I start? SOAP! A few months ago I decided to stop using liquid body soap and start using good a old-fashioned bar of soap. Bars of soap are wrapped in a simple piece of paper or thin cardboard — either of which can be easily recycled. Plus, less packaging means less energy required to create and transport those containers.

But, there are more benefits to bars of soap beyond less trash in landfills. Liquids have to contain additional chemicals and preservatives that simply aren’t necessary in bars, and chemicals increase the likelihood of skin irritation, allergy, and offenses to the environment. Sometimes “small” reactions that you may just attribute to the general nature of your skin and body (puffy eyes, red hands, flakiness) may actually be reactions to the chemicals and artificial fragrances found in liquid soap. Seriously, check out the list of ingredients on your liquid body wash and just try pronouncing them. And “organic” and “natural” liquid body cleansers that come in a plastic bottle are doing absolutely NO favors for the environment so don’t let them fool you!

So, which soap do I use? The simplest one possible! Soap made from saponified olive oil cleanses and moisturizes my skin without any scary chemicals. In fact, the brand I use, Kiss My Face, has only THREE ingredients!

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  1. Katie says:

    Great blog! I’ll enjoy following it. Along these lines, I’ve begun substituting plain ol’ olive oil for hand and body cremes. It absorbs quite quickly, offers nice light-weight moisturizing, is completely non-toxic and inexpensive compared to the alternatives.

  2. The Butlers says:

    I wish I could get that over here in Germany 🙁

  3. Donna R. says:

    Maureen, thanks for getting me to think about packaging. I now shop for items based on cardboard/paper vs plastic packaging….an easy way to help the environment. Great tips!

  4. Hannah BG says:

    We recently discovered a small, local business that sells products made from recycled items (toothbrushes made out of the plastic from yogurt cups, for example). We buy our all-natural soap from there. They smell SO great and include goat’s milk for softening the skin!

  5. Moriah says:

    I discovered Chagrin Valley a year or so ago. There products are all natural (some are organic) and amazing! They use minimal packaging. I use their shampoo bars on my hair, body and face. They keep my skin soft and clear.

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