Blast Off!

I am always so grateful when Chris plans something fun for the weekend. All week I do my best to keep the kids busy and engaged (without the crutch of TV or screens), and by the time Saturday rolls around I am outta ideas and outta steam. I need his fresh enthusiasm!

Back in the bitter days of February, Chris planned a family outing to Chicagoland Toys & Hobbies on the city’s far northwest side. The kids LOVED sniffing around the store, and they each picked up curiosities like balsa wood airplanes and tiny trains. But, Chris had a bigger plan: a model rocket!

After sitting on a shelf for months, the rocket finally launched the other weekend when it was finally nice enough outside. Chris scouted out a quiet and largely abandoned plot of land in the shadow of the Hancock Building. We packed up the rocket and the kids and a few bottles of Mexican coke (to make it an even more fun afternoon!):

The rocket really was amazing. Chris showed the kids how to prepare it:

set it up:

and blast it off:

The best part? The energy required to retrieve the rocket once it returned to our lovely earth. After one particularly high launch into a breeze, the boys had to run several blocks to find it. Mack was smiling the entire time.

I was so content to sit in the grass and mind little Ben and cheer the kids (and Chris!) on as they tested the mighty rocket. The sun was shining and the kids were laughing. It was a perfect city moment. All thanks to my handsome husband!


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