Birthday Countdown!

Evie’s birthday is now one month away.  However, it has been a daily topic of conversation for the past two months. She can’t wait to turn 4; its just about all she talks about.  We agreed that she can invite a few friends over for cupcakes followed by the new Disney princess movie “Brave” – she is now SO EXCITED.

Because she’s still a preschooler, Evie has a hard time understanding the concept of “a month” or “30 days”. She’s always asking me if her birthday is “after this day,” and her precious heart breaks whenever I say “no, its not after this day.”  So, I came up with a simple way for her to manage the next four weeks: we made a birthday countdown calendar inspired by the Christmas advent calendar she loves so much. Its amazing how some scrap paper, crayons and stickers can come together to create a perfect afternoon.

Every day for the next four weeks Evie will tear away a sheet.  I know this month will drag for her, but fly for me.  Time is racing too fast.  Sometimes I look at my big girl in total awe.  How could it be possible that she is almost FOUR?!  Wasn’t she brand new just a few months ago??

This simple craft turned out to be a lot of fun – it kept us busy for the better part of an hour as we decorated the pages and assembled it in numerical order.  But, the best part was the subtle number-writing practice it offered.  Evie wrote every number from 1-30, and she beamed with pride upon completion. My little girl is getting so big!


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