Bird’s Nest!

Today on our walk home after picking Evie up from school, we found the *coolest* thing in our alleyway: an empty bird’s nest. In perfect condition.

To my 3 and 5 year old city kids, the day got instantly awesome!

Mack leaped from the stroller to gently retrieve it.  He was concerned: where would the birds live now? How did it fall from its perch? Could we put it somewhere safe?  Yes, I promised him we could.

We looked for a suitable tree in our courtyard, and sure enough there was a perfect branch for the empty nest.  If only Mack was as tall as his Dad he could have easily nestled it in on his own.

Thankfully, a little boost from Mom was all it took to get the nest in just the right spot.

Living in the middle of a big city, it might seem like we are starved for a connection to Mother Nature.  But, all it takes is a look around to realize we are surrounded by Her.  Weeds peering through a crack in concrete.  Songbirds meeting on the telephone wire.  Leaves rustling on the sidewalk.

She is everywhere. And, She is beautiful.

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