Our Advent Wreath

The holiday season is moving full speed ahead in our house. We set out Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, and our GIANT Christmas tree is cheerfully sprinkling pine needles all over the floor. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

One new tradition I started this year is a family Advent wreath. I wanted to add something to our week that would slow us all down, even if only for a minute. So, I bought a plain twig wreath and tucked four candles into it (the traditional pink and purple were no where to be found, so I settled on cheery red and green).  It has become a spot for us to keep the holiday cards sent from family and friends.

Every Sunday of Advent we light a candle and write down our prayers for the week ahead. The prayers are tucked in to the wreath, a gentle reminder for us to think about the important things during this season of stuff. Last week Mack wrote a prayer for “the homeless guys”, while Evie prayed to feel confident for an upcoming presentation she has to give to her class. Vivian named a few sweet girls in her class in her prayer. Chris sent warm wishes to refugees everywhere in the world. I kept all lonely people in my thoughts.

The candles are a bit scratched and they rest more than slightly askew…but who cares?! Not me! The age of Pinterest perfection might be upon us, but life is far too short to spend it striving for perfection. The kids don’t notice that our wreath is less-than-stellar, but they do notice that it is a special addition to our home. The wreath might not look like a classic Advent wreath, but the spirit and love are exactly the same. I love it.

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