Living on The Ledge

This summer has kinda sucked for my kids. All my grand plans to take them all over the city basically fizzled when I broke my ankle. I intended to take them on an urban adventure every Friday, checking off our Chicago bucket list every week. Instead, they’ve been shipped off to camp most days while I basically wait on the couch for my bone to heal. It’s so boring.

But, now that I’ve passed the four-week mark the pain and swelling have greatly subsided and I’m able to move around a bit more. I’m still on crutches so I can’t push the stroller, so Chris and I do a lot of “divide & conquer” – if he takes the big kids out, I stay home with the twins. Last weekend, I finally had the strength to venture out with the big kids, so I hobbled into an Uber and took them to the tippy top of one of the world’s tallest buildings: the Willis Tower.

When I was growing up, the Willis Tower was called the Sears Tower, but my kids now call it the Serious Tower. We see it every day, and yet we had never gone up. I take part of the blame for that: I have a SERIOUS fear of heights. Plus, Evie is scared of elevators. But, I was going stir crazy at home and we all needed a little adventure.

So, up we went! 103 floors! 1,353 feet!

The Skydeck experience really is fun! Plenty of Chicago trivia along the way  kept the kids entertained while we waited in line (about 15 minutes).

The most thrilling part? The Ledge. Four glass boxes that stick out from the building – stepping on to it is like walking on air. No surprise, Mack was the first one on.

It took me a few seconds to build up the courage to step onto glass more than 1,000 feet above the city. But, I did it! We all did it! What a thrill!

Headed to Chicago or live here already? Check the Skydeck Chicago at the Willis Tower off your Chicago bucket list!

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