2015: A Year of Good


A hundred years from now, what will people say about this year? What will be remembered? Probably that this was the year when terrorism of all kinds took hold. Or that this was another year when politicians did absolutely nothing. Or perhaps the world will remember the countries and people who did nothing to help refugees.

The sad thing is that a hundred years from now, people probably won’t be talking about all the good life that was happening in 2015. So many wonderful small moments made up the past 365 days, but the history books seem to dwell on all the negative. So, in case anyone in 2115 is reading this blog, here are a few good things that happened in the world in 2015:

Evie and Mack’s grandparents and great-grandparents showed up to Grandparent’s Day at school:

And on a snow day in February the kids and I snuggled under the covers to read Laura Ingalls Wilder:

A butterfly landed on Mack on a day in March:

And the super warm weather on April 1st brought us all out of the house and into the neighborhood:

What about about that afternoon at the end of May when Chris took the kids to a park to blast of rockets high into the sky:

And Mack spent all of June mastering his two wheeler:

There was that day in July when Chris and I sneaked off with Evie and Mack to watch the Cubs vs the White Sox at Wrigley Field:

And let’s not forget how Mack spent the entire summer in the tree in our courtyard (and he never fell out!):

We’ll always remember how good it felt to bring the kids back to Notre Dame in September to show them where we lived not so many years ago:

And the charm of our warm October, when Halloween took over the kids’ imaginations!

A long weekend in November was perfect for a quick trip to Ireland where Evie and Ben really embraced the European lifestyle:

By December, we had been graced with so much good (tempered with our fair share of challenges) that I can’t help but feel grateful:

A hundred years from now, I hope the world has learned that good is so much easier than evil. I hope that my great-great grandchildren are living on a planet that values life and love over land and power.  Hopefully 2115 will be a year of good.

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