Homemade Artisan Bread + AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!


Baking is always a bit challenging for me.  It is such an exact science, and if one measurement is even a little bit off the whole recipe can flop.  This seems to be especially true with homemade bread.  So, when I read about Average Joe Bread Kit in my college alumni magazine I was immediately [...]

Mango Lassi with Ginger and Cardamom


I’m feeling a little under the weather today.  Despite getting plenty of sleep last night, I am exhausted. And, I have no appetite so I haven’t eaten much today.  I suspect a day-long bout of nausea is due to this pregnancy, too.  So, after trying quite ridiculously and unsuccessfully to get my husband to leave [...]

Homemade Banana Bread French Toast


We go through so many bananas in our house that its rare we have any ripe enough for homemade banana bread.  Sometimes when I’m craving this baked treat I’ll purposefully seek out older bananas at the grocery store in hopes they’ll turn brown before we get a chance to eat them! The other day I [...]

Zucchini-Blueberry Bread


My friend Paige recently shared a recipe for zucchini-blueberry bread.  She is a good resource for all things domestic – her house is stunningly decorated, she scrapbooks like a professional and her daughters are always dressed like little movie stars.  Her recipe blog is a good source for tried-and-true dishes that are Paige-approved. I knew [...]

Afternoon Snack: Yogurt, Honey and Apples

yogurt & apple

Its just after 3 o’clock, so of course that means snack time in our house.  The kids are up from their naps, and I’m just about done with my afternoon work.  Perfect time for a healthy treat to get us through the rest of the day until dinner. We don’t keep any processed foods in [...]

Garlic Scape Pesto


Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about garlic scapes, the curly tops of garlic plants.  Bright green in color, they are entirely edible and loaded with garlic flavor.  Because they are only available for a few short weeks every year, devotees make a mad dash for local sources before the season passes. Having no clue [...]

Grilled Corn and Green Onion Guacamole


While we were at my parents’ house last weekend for a little staycation, I had a lot of fun making homemade meals using the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables.  Blueberry pancakes for breakfast and BBQ chicken with tomato salad, grilled corn and green beans for dinner.  I love summer! We had two ears of corn [...]

Dill and Caraway Soda Bread


In keeping within the plant-strong guidelines of the 28 Day Health Challenge I’m testing out for Whole Foods Market, I made a hearty and tasty homemade lentil stew for dinner tonight.  Loaded with carrots, celery, tomatoes, lentils and my homemade vegetable broth, it was a comforting supper for a dreary and rainy evening. To serve [...]

Going Bananas Over Strawberries


The local produce market I shop at once a week had a sale on domestic strawberries – just $0.50 a pound!!  Granted, the fruit was about 5 minutes from going bad and it wasn’t organic, but at that price I just couldn’t walk away.  So, I scooped up four packages, raced home and spent yesterday [...]

Baking Some Sunshine with Sweet Homemade Bread

poppy seed bread

My best friend is moving away.  And it breaks my heart. We’ve known each other for 13 years and the list of things we share in common is staggering…we both have two little ones the same ages…we both come from relatively large families…our husbands have been best friends for years…we like the same crappy reality [...]

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