Child Care

Please Don’t Give My Kids Balloons. I’m Serious.

Today should have been a good day.  The kids woke up in good moods, we had a busy and productive morning and we were home just a few minutes late for Mack’s afternoon nap. But, I knew well before nap time that this afternoon wouldn’t go so well… …because someone gave my kids balloons. Now, [...]

The Princess Problem


It happened seemingly overnight.  Under cover of darkness while we innocently slept, it crept into my home, took hold and hasn’t left. It follows us everywhere and rears its doe-eyed head at all hours of the day. This sneaky problem I speak of? Princesses. Like most little girls, Evie is absolutely head-over-heals in love with [...]

The Lie.


Evie and I reached a new milestone in our relationship yesterday. She lied to me. For the first time. It all started innocently enough.  I made a batch of cupcakes to serve for dessert, and after she repeatedly picked at them while they cooled on the counter I moved them to an out-of-reach spot on [...]

Bringing Indian Cooking Home


When I was 8 years old my mom’s brother married a woman from Bangladesh.  Feryall was outgoing and chatty and so friendly – she dove right in to our big family and fit in seamlessly.  Growing up, I remember that she never spoke down to the kids in the family – she made a real [...]

A Baby Belly


All of a sudden, it seems like my third pregnancy is coming to a too-fast end.  The July morning we found out about Bundle #3 feels like a long 7 months ago, but now that I’m in the home stretch I’m starting to panic a little bit.  So much to do! So much will change! [...]

Must Sees for Homemade Families

babies feature

I don’t watch a lot of movies.  My husband could watch one every night of the week, but we only have one TV so we have to compromise on just about everything we watch.  When I do watch a movie I usually like something light-hearted that won’t stress me out or scare me.  And, sometimes [...]

Easy As Pie

1-24-12 pie2

Tuesday mornings are special time for Mack and me. Evie is in school, so my boy and I have a few hours together just the two of us.  I am amazed by how much calmer his personality is when he’s not fighting with Evie for attention – or toys. He sheds some of his boyish [...]

Repeat After Me: “If my kid is sick, I’ll stay away from public places.”


Poor Evie.  She woke up several times last night thanks to an icky stomach bug, and we’ve been cleaning up the mess ever since.  Fortunately, I’ve got some homemade tools in my arsenal that make cleaning up midnight vomit a little easier – all purpose vinegar spray (the same one I use to clean the [...]

Sibling Rivalry…or Sibling Revelry?

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One of my biggest sources of stress right now stems from my biggest sources of joy: Evie and Mack.  In the past few months they have decided that playing against each other is better (or more fun?) than playing together.  It seems like one of them is always yelling or crying in response to something [...]

When the F-Bomb Landed in my Neighborhood

The other day the kids and I were walking home from a late afternoon playdate when we approached a group of twenty something men who appeared to be tourists.  As the men waited at a street corner, a cab driver beeped his horn several times at another motorist.  The (white) tourists got quite angry at [...]

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