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Cold Cure in a Cup

It has been a long few weeks. Ever since Mack’s ear infection in Mexico last month we’ve all taken turns being sick.  Last week was brutal for me – stuffed nose, cough, exhaustion.  I was finally emerging from the fog last night when severe pain suddenly struck my lower back.  Argh! As any mom knows, […]

Soba Noodles with Ginger and Spinach

Ever since Mack’s ear infection nearly a month ago, we’ve all taken turns fighting off cold symptoms. Runny noses, coughs, slight fevers.  Evie was up all last night coughing, and sweet little Vivian woke up at 4:30 this morning so sad and swiping at her ears.  I brought the kids to the pediatrician, and both […]

Stylish Furniture from The Mark + GIVEAWAY!

Such a fun giveaway to share with readers of Homemade Mothering!! My newest advertiser will send one lucky winner a gorgeous piece of American-made furniture from The Mark. The Mark is a chic line of furniture that showcases distinctive design and trends at very affordable prices. I love that it’s made in the USA, which […]

It’s About Life

My parents recently called my siblings and me to their house for help with a rather daunting task: pick up all our crap.  Bins full of grade school art projects and high school year books. File folders with report cards and college acceptance letters.  Tiny shoes and faded photos and personal journals filled with the […]

The Right Place

My heart is breaking for Boston.  Now that the smoke has settled and the initial shock has left us numb, the news is introducing us to personal stories of devastating loss and inspirational heroism. Like most Americans, I am particularly saddened about the death of 8 year old Martin Richard.  He was just a boy.  […]

Infección del Oído

We recently spent 8 glorious days and 8 restful nights on the tiny Mexican island of Isla Mujeres. Well, actually it was only 7 restful nights because one midnight halfway through the trip poor little Mack awoke in distress. His ears hurt.  Bad. None of my kids had ever endured an ear infection, but based […]

Chew Beads

When Vivian was born my sister Meghan thoughtfully gave me a gift: a super cute baby-friendly bracelet. I don’t normally wear much jewelery, but when I do Vivian grabs at it immediately, so the Chew Beads teething bracelet from my sister was the perfect addition to my meager accessory stash. Made from the same material […]

Mañana Banana Granola Smoothie

During our recent trip to Mexico, I pretty much ate my way around the little island we called home for 8 days.  Sweet Mexican grandmothers prepared tortas and sopes for breakfast at the local mercado. Homemade coconut paletas (popsicles) were our favorite afternoon treat on the beach. Fresh fish for lunch and dinner (with generous […]

Goodness Gracious – An Austin, TX Micro Bakery + GIVEAWAY!

I love finding businesses that offer products that align with my rather strict values on health and well-being.  We absolutely avoid processed foods, but we all like a nice treat. So when I heard about Goodness Gracious Micro Bakery I was immediately intrigued.  The orders are baked to order in a home kitchen nestled in […]

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