Simple Christmas Craft

By no means am I a crafty girl.  Sure, I can hold my own in the kitchen, and when it comes to whipping up homemade household cleaners I’ve become quite a champ.  But, crafting requires patience and skill and creativity, characteristics I’d rather devote towards other endeavors.

However, now that the sun sets by 5 pm, simple crafts can be a fun way to pass the time indoors with Evie and Mack.  The other night we turned  round pizza boards left over from our take-out dinner from Homemade Pizza Company into silly ornaments for our Christmas tree.  Re-purposing the boards was a great way to create an eco-friendly holiday decoration!

I cut pieces of Christmas-themed paper into fun shapes and let the kids glue them onto their pizza boards.  They also glued on a holiday picture so they know which ornament is their own.  When the boards were sufficiently (an haphazardly) decorated, I punched a hole in the top an let Evie lace some twine through.

Evie and Mack had fun choosing a branch to hang their ornaments on.  But, like the rest of the ornaments, these two don’t stay put for long thanks to little Mack’s curious an constant rearranging of our Christmas tree…



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  1. Amanda says:

    Those are very cute ornaments – looks like a fun, afternoon activity!

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